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Recapture a greater percentage of past clients

With RH Reward, lenders and servicers now have the opportunity to inexpensively maintain a highly positive ongoing relationship with borrowers after the loan has closed.

Having this ongoing connection leads to:

  • Greater brand awarenewss
  • Consistent messaging to the consumer
  • Consumer loyalty

RH Reward includes regularly scheduled marketing to keep the lender/servicer brand in the forefront of the consumer’s mind. This leads to higher recapture rates for past clients, driving profitability and growth higher.

RH Reward messaging begins shortly after the loan is closed, allowing connectivity to be established early and enabling lender/servicer customers to begin enjoying the benefits of the program immediately.

Recapture Case Study: Results from an RH Reward program launched in 2014 on behalf of a major mortgage lender headquartered in the western United States show the recapture rate of past clients was 52% higher in the seven month period after the program was implemented than the seven months prior to launch. Average 30yr mortgage interest rates stayed within a range of approximately .37% in that 14 month span.

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