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Maintaining an ongoing connection at variable cost

RH Reward is a "drip" marketing campaign designed to establish an ongoing connection between mortgage lenders/servicers and their customers. Implementing the RH Reward program enables lenders and servicers to keep their brand in front of their customers with consistent and positive messaging regarding the program and its various benefits.

The base RH Reward campaigns includes a private label program website, electronic correspondence, and inbound call center support throughout the course of the year, with homeowners being introduced to the program shortly after their mortgage loan has closed. Other messaging includes reminders of the program rules and educating the consumer on how they can earn reward points in their account.

Base RH Reward campaigns also include targeted outreach to sub-populations of customers with the highest probability of fallout. Integrated campaigns include email and outbound dialing. Other marketing components such as direct mailers, radio ads, and billboards are available for targeted campaigns at variable cost.

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