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About LVG

Founded in 2008, LVG is a privately held consumer marketing and finance company based in Rumson, NJ. LVG has a proven track record of creating value for some of the largest lenders and servicers in the mortgage industry.

  • Industry-leading right-party contact rates
  • Continuous connection and engagement with consumers via state-of-the art multi-channel marketing platform
  • Acting as a catalyst to instill brand loyalty in lender/servicer customers
  • Ability to drive a variety of beneficial outcomes, independent from lender/ servicer infrastructure and technology

LVG’s institutional clients experience a number of benefits:

  • Increased origination volume
  • Increased originations revenue
  • Increased client recapture rates
  • Increased brand recognition and consumer loyalty
  • Ongoing connectivity with their customer base
  • Variable marketing costs

For consumers, LVG’s programs offer a range of benefits which are unique in the marketplace today:

  • Opportunity to earn rewards related to their mortgage
  • Special discounts with LVG affiliate partners
  • RH Reward membership at no cost and no obligation
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